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We're Connected.
Yet We Crave a Human Touch.

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Technology evolved and created two major worlds we now live in. One is the world where we remember our childhood, the good old days. And the other world where almost everything happens virtually, at the click of a button. In many ways we are connected, yet many of us still crave a human touch. Connectiff creates a harmonious bridge between these two worlds. 

Our Values. They Keep Us Going.

Our Team. Your Partners.

Kripa Sewgobind

Kripa Sewgobind

Managing Director

When I was 8 years old, I made kites and successfully sold them. Ever since, there has been a burning obsession of having my own business. I love interacting with people by seeing them smile. I see myself as a stable foundation where I can support others as well as myself. The idea of meeting new people and connecting with them is what attracted me to be part of Connectiff. Also, I make sure that there is order and structure here.

Awinash Haniff

Awinash Haniff

Creative Director

Having a creative mind by nature, I couldn't ignore my talents and quickly started expressing myself through photography and graphic design. My building blocks in life are based on pure experience either through self-exploration, self-education, and through means of several kinds of social activities. Every artist wants to trigger something deep within his or her audience. The creative team at Connectiff, aims to do just that.